Cooking with Kids, Mondays:

10am-12pm (ages 2-5)

3:30pm-5:30pm (ages 4-8)

Do you have a little one that loves playing in the kitchen? Join us for a special cooking class from our partner company “Savory Kitchen” and take part in a 3 part series class focusing on seasonal produce, treats and skills!

Week one: Fruits and Veggies! Make a dip, learn some knife skills (little ones with plastic knives) and play with some fun kitchen tools. Older kids will practice peeling and cutting veggies.

Week two: Pumpkin and Apples! Make Pumpkin Butter and Apple Cinnamon Energy Balls, learn about spices and seasoning. Older kids will include grating apples and more knife skills.

Week three: Getting Spooky! Make Pumpkin Hummus and Pumpkin Quesadillas, and Boonanans! Older kids will make Pumpkin shaped Cheeseball snacks!

Class includes playtime! first 30 min are play time in the space followed by the 90 min cooking class.

Class dates: Oct 7, 14 and 21st

Drop in passes may not be used towards this class


Open Play fridays 3-5pm (ages 0-6)

Where kids can come and go, play and do an activity, break for a snack whenever, this is the perfect place for you! Come and go as you please in this 2 hour open play. Advance signup recommended. Makeup classes allowed with 12 hours emailed notice.


building perseverance in kids (Growth mindset): Ages 5-8 (coming in OCt)

How does the brain work? We teach kids how to use their brain as a tool to control behavior, thinking, social-emotional skills and life long techniques. Showing kids their brains are flexible tools they can tap into to reach goals and new challenges. This class will introduce all of that in a 4 week class that will build the growth mindset in a fun, interactive way! Play with ropes to demonstrate brain waves learning new things, build a brain out of playdoh and role play!

We also have pop up events scheduled a few times a month.

Help! I’m looking for a specific class or have a class idea!