Have your whirly birthday any where you please…


We can setup and bring the party anywhere you want…

Whirlygig will bring the party to you, want your party in a park or at home? We’ll even work with other venues to arrange all the details so you can show up and enjoy.

Choose from many themes and we’ll make the rest happen. We’ll even coordinate all the extras for you (food, goodie bags, magician or face painter, and more!)

$250 per event

What is included?

  • Decorations for one of our set themes (see them here)

    • Decorations can include: tabletop decor, runners, tablecloths, banners/backdrop or balloons (dependent on location and ability to setup)

    • custom themes available for $200 additional

  • 1 craft or activity, age appropriate and based on the theme

  • Setup and cleanup for the event

  • Coordination of food delivery, and any add ons we offer for events (additional charges for the add ons still apply)

  • 1 helper will be there for setup, the duration of the event (2 hours) and cleanup- additional time can be added

($50 Travel fee incurred for farther than 10 miles)

Superhero Table centerpiece.jpg

Why a Whirly Party on the go?

A party at home is fun and all, except when you are 3 min before the event starts and half the decorations are up, the activity isn’t working how you planned and the doorbell is ringing…with us you’ll be all set and greeting the guests with a genuine smile.

Found a venue that your kid is in love with, BUT they are hard to work with, get a human on the phone or figure out what you can bring in? Whirlygig to the rescue!

We all love a good park party, except how am I supposed to decorate a park space- what activity works in the space? I want to talk to my guests, not run a scavenger hunt, pay the pizza guy and find a spot for the goodie bags…HELP!