We want a place where birthday parties aren’t sticky and boring.

Where kids are active and crafting and scheming to play and celebrate. A place where that Pinterest dream party can become reality. While we’re at it, why can’t this place be a parent hang-out too? A place where moms connect and make friends, a spot where the baby can crawl around in a playgroup. A place for families...


We do it all!


Farm Room

Spend a day at the farm! Climb and slide off our John Deere tractor and wagon climbing structure or play farmer in our real barn! We’ve got toys and trains and trucks and kids of all ages will love climbing, sliding and playing farmer!

Beach Room

Our magical Beach Room feels like an afternoon in the sun and sand. With dune grass, a nice big deck for kiddos to drive and play on, and a big sand box to dig and explore in. Play mermaids or dig for Dino Bones!

open play

Tired of the same old playgrounds and library story time? Join us for our age-based open play times where we combine an activity, open play time, and music for a fun morning out of the house!