We are happy to work with local Rosegarden favorites Rosie’s NY Pizza, Hannah Bakery,
and our sister business, Savory Kitchen.

Rosie's NY Pizza logo

Rosie’s NY Pizza Menu

$28 + tax

$30 + tax

additional types of pizzas available upon request (prices for specialty pizzas $40) *gluten free available

each pizza has 12 slices

(Rosie’s is closed on Sundays- we will offer Papa John’s Pizza for Sunday Parties)

Savory Kitchen logo

Savory Kitchen Menu

Hot Food
Pasta with Alfredo Sauce / House made Mac n’Cheese $8/child

Turkey Meatballs with a Soy Ginger Glaze
$100/75 meatballs + tax
hot food requires a $75 delivery and set up fee

Farmers Market / Mediterranean Orzo / Roasted Vegetable Salad
$60 + tax
each serves 10-12 people

Veggie and Dip Platter
includes hummus and dip, veggies
$80 + tax
serves 15-20

Fruit Platter
$100 + tax
serves 15-20

Cheese Board
$70 + tax
serves 15-20

Adult Sandwich Platter
choose their own bread, meat, cheese, condiments and veggies

Tray of Assorted Cookies
serves 15-30 kids

Kid-sized Sandwiches
Turkey & Cheese / Almond Butter & Jelly / Nutella & Strawberries
serves 15 kids

Kids Platter
apples, mozzarella cheese sticks, crackers, etc.
serves 15 kids

Breakfast Options

Bagels and Cream Cheese
2 dozen assorted bagels and 4 assorted cream cheeses



Theme specific Cake Pops!
Can be customized for your theme and desired flavor.
Flavors: Choc, Red Velvet, Vanilla
White Choc or Dark Choc for the outside - White Choc can be colored to match your theme.

$100/15 cakepops (standard drizzle with sprinkles and custom colors) ($5 each additional cakepop)

custom cakepops price available upon request

wrap them up for a favor for your guests!
(an additional $1/cakepop for wrapping them up)

Hannah logo

Hannah’s Menu

6” Cake
serves 6-8

7” Cake
serves 8-10

8” Cake
serves 10-12

9” Cake
serves 12-14

Cake Flavors: Vanilla / Birthday Cake / Red Velvet / Chocolate / Banana / Green Tea / Carrot

Cake Fillings: Lemon / Fresh Strawberries / Banana / German Chocolate / Espresso

Frostings: Chocolate Buttercream / Vanilla Buttercream / Cream Cheese

$48 / one dozen

Mini Cupcakes
$24 / one dozen

Cupcake Flavors: Red Velvet / Salted Caramel / Sweet Butter Vanilla / Chocolate Lover / Banana Nutella / Lemon / Carrot / Strawberry / Caramel Pumpkin / Pineapple Coconut / Lemon Raspberry / Espresso / German Chocolate / Dulce de Leche / Peanut Butter Chocolate / Lemon Blueberry / Birthday Cake