A place where birthday parties
aren’t sticky and boring.


Whirlygig is the brainchild of Colleen Mahoney. While home on maternity leave with her third baby she crafted an idea of a place where birthday parties aren’t sticky and boring. Where kids are active and crafting and scheming to play and celebrate. Where that party you see on Pinterest is easily attainable and you don’t need to clean off your kitchen table to host guests that stay too long. While we are at it, why can’t this place be a parent hang out after dark? A place where moms connect and make friends, a spot where your baby can crawl around in a playgroup… a spot for families.

Colleen Mahoney is also the owner of Savory Kitchen on The Alameda in San Jose. There she teaches cooking classes and plans corporate team building events. She has three wonderful, crazy, energetic kids and an amazing husband keeping it all together.

Bob Mahoney, Colleen’s dad and business partner, is a retired software sales executive who is passionate about growing businesses and new challenges. He chases after 6 grandchildren and loves traveling with his (very understanding and patient) wife.


Now let’s have some fun!

For more information and a video of the space checkout:

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